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Bring Back the Midwives Petition Update


Nine copies of the petition were delivered today to the following individuals:

  • Ronnie Sloan, President, Outer Banks Hospital
  • Robert Owens, Chairman, Outer Banks Hospital Board of Directors
  • David Herman, President and CEO of Vidant
  • Roger Robertson, President, Vidant Community Hospitals and Health Access
  • David H. Womack, Chairman, Vidant Health Board of Directors
  • Warren Judge, Chairman, Dare County Board of Commissioners
  • Anne Thomas, Health Director, Dare County Department of Public Health
  • Jeff Hammer MD, Outer Banks Center for Women
  • Daniel Dwyer MD, Vidant Women’s Care-Outer Banks

The petition packet included 433 signatures, 80 personal comments, 12 personal letters, and a bunch of “We ♥ Midwives” Valentines.

The goal of Where’s My Midwife? – Outer Banks and Outer Banks Birth Network is to bring awareness to a health care need not being met in our community. It has been over six years since Certified Nurse-Midwives with delivery privileges at the Outer Banks Hospital have worked with local families. We believe midwives are an integral part of the health care team, providing safe, cost-effective and patient-responsive health-care that produces high levels of patient satisfaction and good outcomes for women and babies. Women are leaving Dare County to receive these services in Elizabeth City, Chapel Hill, and Norfolk, VA.

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