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Parenting with the Heart in Mind

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Picture1In December, Shirley Parker and Rosie Rankin with Outer Banks Inner Journey joined us for a free workshop on “MAP” It Out: Mindful Awareness Practices for Birth and Beyond. MAPs are techniques designed to increase awareness of our in the moment thoughts and emotions. MAPs give us an inner resource to navigate with greater ease the stress we encounter as people and parents. Shirley and Rosie were inspiring and we thought you would be interested in knowing about their 8-week Parenting with the Heart in Mind series for parents of children ages birth through elementary school.

Series begins:

February 2, 2015, 6:30-8:00pm

Fee: Donation Only “Pay As You Grow”


This is not an Outer Banks Birth Network Event.

For more information: Parenting Heart Mind 2015 (1)





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