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Bring Back the Midwives

Did you know that it has been six years since Outer Banks families have had access to local Certified Nurse-Midwives?  We are concerned about this lack of full-time midwifery care in our community.

Why choose a midwife? According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives “the word midwife describes a woman who is “with women” at birth. Midwives practice under a philosophy of care that focuses on the specific needs of women, empowers women to actively participate in their health care, and minimizes unnecessary intervention”. 

Local women are traveling out of Dare County to receive these services in Elizabeth City, Norfolk and Chapel Hill:

“When I was pregnant with my first child, I was absolutely certain that I wanted a midwife’s care because of the midwifery ideology that birth is a natural event that does not require unnecessary intervention. Luckily, at that time in 2004 there was a midwife working in Dare County and I was able to give birth to my son with her assistance at Outer Banks Hospital. However in 2007 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I did not have the option of a midwife’s care in Dare County. For that reason, I chose to receive midwifery care in Virginia and chose not to give birth at Outer Banks Hospital. I know many women who feel the same way I do and who have left Dare County for their midwifery care and birth experiences. My natural child-birth experiences with my midwives were the most empowering and precious moments of life. I feel strongly that Dare County families need midwifery services.”–Molly Harrison, Nags Head NC

“I chose a midwife with my pregnancy in 2005 because of the time she took to get to know me; she was a partner in my care not the director. We made decisions together about my birth. She supported the fact that birth is normal. I choose a midwife today because of these same reasons.”  –Whitney Norko, Kill Devil Hills NC

We are petitioning Vidant Health / Outer Banks Hospital to immediately hire experienced Certified Nurse-Midwives to provide the full scope of women’s health care as well as 24-hour, seven-day-a-week midwifery coverage for childbirth at the Outer Banks Hospital.

Certified Nurse-Midwives are licensed professionals who can independently manage primary health screening; common health problems; and pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care for low-risk women. Midwives are an integral part of the health care team, providing safe, cost-effective and patient-responsive health-care that produces high levels of patient satisfaction and good outcomes for women and babies.

Our hope is that women will not be forced to leave Dare County to receive midwifery care. Thank you for your immediate attention to this issue.

If you live in Dare, Currituck, Hyde, or Tyrell counties, please sign our petition to Bring Back the Midwives. Do it for your self! Do it for your daughter, your mother, your granddaughter, your sister! Just do it! Because birth matters! 


Share with your family and friends. Let Vidant Health / The Outer Banks Hospital know that we, the community and the consumers want Certified Nurse-Midwives back on the Outer Banks!